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Why Choose Me?


Choice of Treatments

Different fertility treatments so you can choose whats right for you.


Good Success Rates

I’ve had the pleasure of helping several of my client’s become pregnant.


Natural Conception or Assisted Reproduction

I work with both couples that are trying to conceive either naturally or going through assisted reproductive treatment such as Clomid, IUI or IVF.


Up To Date Knowledge

I constantly keep up to date with the latest developments and research in fertility and conception.


Relaxing Environment

I work from my dedicated therapy room in my home.


Paula’s services have always been fantastic! I visited her for several pregnancy and post natal massages with my son which were so beneficial. In August this year I had a fertility reflexology with Paula which, as well as being a lovely treatment, was really interesting and educational about conception. Something worked as I got pregnant the next month! I have just gone back for my first of many pregnancy massages with Paula! Thank you for helping making pregnancy and maternity that bit easier!

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